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At Zuse Inc., we carefully select our manufacturers for quality, service, and price. Because of our confidence in our work, we proudly stand behind all of our products. They are unconditionally guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship beyond normal wear. All logos are guaranteed for the life of the product.

Letter From the CEO

Zuse Inc. has provided superior quality embroidered and imprinted apparel for the sailing community and corporate use since 1998. Originally conceived as a full service design and production facility for logo apparel and accessories, Zuse Inc. has long lasting, successful, relationships with a broad range of companies and events. We can proudly say our experience and expertise can be trusted. We look forward to hearing how we can be of service in making your next event/venture more profitable, efficient, and most of all- enjoyable

Ted Zuse
President & CEO
Zuse Inc.

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For large, highly visible designs we point our customers in the direction of screen printing. Screen printing allows us to print multiple color or single color designs onto a range of different apparel options, sizes and colors. Our state of the art equipment is resourceful, reliable, and fast. Rush order? No problem! After an order is completed, we are sure to save your screens on file for future prints. Say goodbye to setup fees on every order and hello to instant savings!

Our Techniques



The crackle effect is an ink system that produces an intentional cracked surface after drying.



Discharge ink is used to print lighter colors onto dark background fabrics, they work by removing the dye of the garment – this means they leave a much softer texture. These are especially good for distressed prints and gives the garment that natural soft feel.


Expanding Ink (Puff)

Expanding ink, or puff, is an additive to plastisol inks which raises the print off the garment, creating a 3D feel and look to the design. Mostly used when printing on apparel.



Flocking consists of a glue printed onto the fabric and then flock material is applied for a velvet touch.



Foil is much like flock, but instead of a velvet touch and look it has a reflective/mirror look to it.



Glitter or Shimmer ink is when metallic flakes become an additive in the ink base to create this sparkle effect.


Embroidery has been offered at Zuse Inc. since its inception in 1989, originally (and still!) catering to the marine market. We've since prided ourselves as the trusted shop for putting complicated and detailed logos on high end expensive garments. As times have changed, the embroidery sector at Zuse Inc. has continued to evolve, and now services a broad number of national corporate accounts in addition to its previously established space in the marine community.

Both our state of the art Barudan embroidery machines combined with an experienced embroidery staff have contributed to Zuse Inc’s high success rate and continued steady growth in this department. We're here to assist from start to finish. From creating an embroidery design, to digitizing, to actually getting the sewing done on the clothes, come see why we have earned our reputation as a trusted source for embroidered apparel.